Hillsong United

There was a time I was freelancing for Brit Turner, owner of One3 Creative in Little Five Points. Brit Turner also happens to be the drummer for the awesome Southern rock band Blackberry Smoke. During that time I did a number of projects under him. This was one of them.

Brit assigned me to do a concert poster design for the Christian band Hillsong United. I have done a few print designs but not many where I felt 100% comfortable. I will admit to be a bit nervous on the project. I knew nothing of this band let alone rules of conversion from Photoshop to paper. Luckily my creative mind went to work and the above poster was the result. Brit was happy with my results. More importantly (from what I heard but can’t confirm if true) the band was also very happy with the results. Supposedly there was talks of them making it into a t-shirt print but I do not know if that ever made it.

Fun project for sure! I still have never heard a song of Hillsong United. I guess XBox Music can help introduce the ears.