Gibberoni was another personal project of mine. This time I worked on it with a friend.

The ideal?

Well, it may sound familiar to other sites out there now but the ideal was people were to submit links and have an online discussion about it (sound familiar?). People would gibber jabber if you will. But the one thing that was different than say old Digg and Reddit was that people would have Gibber fights. Meaning, people would be able to engage in online discussion battles while others voted to see who was winning and losing. That discussion battle was only limited to the two engaged. Instead of karma people would have record of gibber battles wins and losses. Of course, you got to enjoy confrontation on the internet.

Gibberoni was built in PHP using the Codeigniter framework. I did the design and layout. I also did the twitter and Facebook integration piece.

Unfortunately, and probably not surprisingly, it never got a huge user base to survive. It struggled from poor marketing. We were two developers afterall and not great marketer people.