One of the things I still enjoy doing is going to live shows. It is pretty exciting to see a band perform live and kicking ass. It’s also great to see and be a part of a crowd that is really into the show. The experience as a whole can be quite memorable.

These days I do not go as often as I would like. That’s ok. I’ve been to plenty of shows already. If I can’t make it to a show I get a fulfillment from Youtube. There are plenty of live videos there to explore Some in great quality. Some in not so great quality.

I recently discovered Evergig which is a site that is dedicated to live cuts of concerts. I’m not exactly how they do it but they some how accumulate live videos online, mix em, and post. So, for example the Voodoo Glow Skulls live at the Hanger 110 in Sao Paulo. Watch the video below. Somehow they were able to get the recordings from people who were present at the show and mix it into a complete video:

As you can see most people if not all are using their mobile phone (or god forbid their IPad). And yes, many are unable to keep a steady hand while filming. I’m quite ok with that for the most part because the end result is pretty cool. I get a pretty good taste of the live show without being there. Of course, I would rather be there in person but this is decent plan B.

I try to think how they put this all together. I guess they grab who ever has the complete song and in best audio quality to use as the main sound piece. When I go to a show most people probably just record a segment but there is always that one person who is recording the entire show. I bet Evergig is counting on at least that one person to be available at every show. What I don’t know if the video is edited manually or automated. I’m leaning towards manually edited. I picture there’s a room full of editors just cutting up these live videos together. Tyler Durden style. Coffee and late into the night. If these edits are automated kudos to Evergig! I’m really curious to know.

Anyways, check out Evergig.com. Not every video will be in great quality but you will find some gems worth watching. If you enjoy music and you enjoy it live you’ll enjoy this site as well. I forgive the quality of video because at the end of the day I missed the show.

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Author: Mike

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