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People are always looking for study material for the exams. You can take an instructor-led week long training but that can cost you about $3,000. Or you can try to find materials online in hopes it covers the exam topics effectively. That is the route I took and luckily was able to pass both ADM201 and DEV401. I’ll list out what I used for DEV401 first because I felt I had a much easier time with that exam.

Before listing out my study material I want to say I did not rely on them alone. It helps if you work on with daily. There is no better practice than actual work. My old job I did implementation of Salesforce to the product I was supporting. I was also given a Ruby on Rails application that interacted with the company’s Salesforce production environment. Those daily interactions with the platform helps very much in re-enforcing the material you are trying to learn.

DEV401 Materials Used

I bought the following book:


Development with the Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud

I bought it off of Amazon for my Kindle. It was an easy read. Straight forward and to the point. A lot of the topics covered in this book were questions asked on the DEV401 exam. From this book I created my first set of flash cards on That leads to my next set of materials used for studying.

Flash Cards At StudyBlue

DEV401 – Test1 < Questions based on info I got from the book above.

DEV401 – Test2

DEV401 – Test3

Pretty much that was it. I read one book, did practice exercises in a dev Salesforce environment, and studied from these 3 sets of flash cards I made at I probably reviewed the material for 2 months straight before taking the exam.

ADM201 Materials Used

I approached the ADM201 exam a bit different than taking the DEV401. I relied more on knowledge I already knew on from my everyday usage. It does also help that I studied and passed the DEV401 exam. A lot of topics covered on that exam is also covered in ADM201. ADM201 is more functional though than technical. Keeping that in mind that means you have more material to study for this exam. At least, that is how  I felt between the two. I did setup some flash cards on for ADM201 as well. To be honest, only 2 of the 3 sets were decent.  I must have been tired/hungover when creating that one set I didn’t use often cause it was so poorly written. It’s kinda embarrassing I try to read through them. Also, after taking the ADM201 exam it turns out my other two sets of flash cards weren’t very good either. Maybe they provided some good info that helped me but looking back they could be better. A lot better. If you still want to take a look at them here you go but remember you have been warned:



The great thing about is that you can search for flash cards created by other users. Just do a search for ADM201 and I guarantee you will find a set that is better than the 2 above.

Besides my two sets of flash cards I also would use the following sites to study from:

Well, I hope this info helps someone out. They must have helped me out to some degree since I was able to pass both exams. They are very tricky exams. Pay attention to the wording because that is very important. Anyways, thank you and good luck!

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