Hotline Miami

I never thought I’d play a game that had the look and feel of an NES game but Hotline Miami has got me kinda hooked. So far all I know is I ‘clean’ situations… by killing everyone in a given area. I receive a phone call and then I leave to take care of business. I take out gangsters and thugs for some reason I do not know yet. I guess at some point I will have that question answered.

For an 8-bit looking game it is brutal in its execution. People are killed and blood flows from cracks to the skull. For example, if I knock someone to the ground I can get on top of them and brutally beat him until blood splatters (I think his brains) onto the floor. One shot kills too. That can add to some frustration to the game. If you get frustrated easily you might not want to play this game because you will die and die and die and die.. You’ll keep playing though because you will get really determined to finish the level. Maybe it’s the feel of being a Leon from The Professional. Or the late 80’s vibe of Miami. Or the masks you get to wear. Or maybe it’s the killings.

Whatever it is I dig it. And I’m gonna keep playing until I finish this game.

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Author: Mike

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