First PC Game – Robot Odyssey


Robot Odyssey was the first PC game I can recall playing. Not the first video game. I did have an Atari 2600 with all the classics like Adventure and Frogger. Robot Odyssey was the first time I sat on a home PC and played a game with a keyboard (a mouse came a few years later since I think the year was 1984). For a kid at the time it was such a rad experience.

The concept was one of a kind during its time. You were a guy that programmed robots. You would be inside the robot and connect wires to sensors, transistors, things that controlled its movement, etc. You were a programmer essentially. I can’t recall the overall objective but I do recall based on how well you programmed the robot determined if you could get from point A to point B successfully. In between the points would be obstacles you had to take into account when programming the robot. It was really fun and as a young one at the time really peaked my interest in computers.

The only problem I had with the game is that wires and sensors were color coded. I had a black and yellow monitor. So, I had a major disadvantage when playing this game. But being young and full of energy I continued to play anyways.

I never finished the game. I just had a lot of fun with it. After all, wasn’t that the point? I’ve asked others if they had ever played it. Unfortunately I’m alone in this boat but, man, do I have some memories with it.

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Author: Mike

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