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I bought the Lumia 920 mainly for the camera. I wanted to take some nice quality pictures without carrying both a smart phone and a snap and click. Let me say I have not been disappointed at all. The quality of the pictures I’ve taken have been way better than expected. So, naturally, I wanted to try out Instagram on this sucka. There are a number of apps on the Windows Phone but 3 stick out to me.

Instance is a free Instagram app. It allows you to view photos of people you are following and post pictures to your account. Ideally, that is what you would want and expect from an Instagram client.

My Gripes with this app:

1. It crashes a lot for me. I don’t know about others using the app but it crashes a great deal especially if I am sliding through photos. Isn’t that the worst time to crash?

2. Uploading photos to your account works fine but the part that bugs me is the cropping of the photo I want to upload. You can zoom in on the image to crop but you cannot zoom outside the border of the image to crop. So, that means I can never upload an entire image. It always has to be some croppe version of it.

I payed 99 cents for WPGRAM. It is a very stable app for me. I am able to view photos with zero crash thus far. That really makes the experience a lot more pleasant and a lot more enjoyable. The biggest negative aspect of WPGRAM is the lack of ability to upload photos which is sorta the point of Instagram. So now what?

Instagraph is a $1.99 app that does what WPGRAM is missing. Upload photos but it does not do what WPGRAM does which is view photos of people you are following.

I gotta scratch my head at some of these apps.

Though Instagraph only uploads photos it does do it very well. It solves the problem of what WPGRAM is lacking and solves my gripe with Instance. I can now zoom out past the border of the image thus able to crop an entire image with some empty space.

So, unfortunately, for Window Phone users there is not a official Instagram app available yet. There are many out there to try to fill that void but not one app does it 100%. In my case I use both WPGRAM and Instagraph together. It seems wasteful that I got to use 2 apps for Instagram but it is what it is. I’m still waiting for that official app to come out. Maybe the release of the Lumia 1020 will help in that push. Now that camera phone looks sweet!

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Author: Mike

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