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Since 2003 I have been primarily an Apple user at home. It all started with the purchase of an iPod. I can’t recall the size or model but that device changed my world. Up until that point I was still using CDs to carry my tunes. For some reason I made a slow transition to MP3s. When I got the iPod that’s when I made the jump to digital format. That device made it extremely easy for me to carry almost my entire music collection in one hand. How rad was that? Yeah, there were MP3 devices that did the same thing but iPod just did it better and easier. Man, I loved that piece of hardware.

In 2005 I bought a MacBook Pro. Talk about a sexy piece of hardware. It just had that slick design Apple is known for and  OSX was just amazing to be in after years of Windows. The machine was used primarily for personal and web development. I brought around with me almost everywhere. The MacBook Pro eventually died in 2009 due to its known weakness. It was not a gaming  computer and the graphics card was fried to death due to many consecutive hours of Battlefield 2142. I abused that laptop to death.

I purchased a 21inch iMac in 2010 to replace my dead MacBook Pro. I really loved this computer. From the moment I opened the box I knew this was going to be one awesome machine to be on. I loved the all-in-one design of it, the lack of wires, the crisp clear monitor, and minimal desk space needed. I thought the MacBook Pro was one sexy machine. The iMac was twice as sexy. It was my new development machine and I used it quite a bit.

But then something happened. Something quite unusual and shocking for me.

I sold my iMac in 2012 and built a PC machine.


Because of this:

Yes. I gave up on Apple computers to do some hardcore gaming PC. The change was all for some awesome leisure time to myself.  After years of hard work I think I’ve earned it. Besides, playing  Skyrim with HD textures, mods, and graphic settings to MAX is simply amazing. In addition, Battlefield 3 is one jaw dropping kick ass game. Yeah, my home built PC is not as sexy as an iMac but boy does my PC pack some mega hardware I could never get with Macs. Its like going from a Mini Cooper to a Mustang.

I’m sorry Apple but if you would just put a better graphics card in your machines or at least allow upgradable hardware I might have stayed. But then again, I do not ever see games like Skyrim or Battlefield 3 coming to Macs anytime soon.

Game on!

NOTE: Hardware spec post coming soon.

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Author: Mike

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